St. Nina - Icon Imagery


The Cross of St. Nina

Icons of St. Nina are written with her holding her grapevine cross and scroll. According to the Life of St. Nina, she had two visions in which she was called to evangelize the people of Georgia. In the first she received instructions from the Theotokos to preach and was presented with a vine-covered cross as a pledge of her special protection. In the second vision she received a scroll on which were written the quotations below.

Scroll of St. Nina

The St. Nina Quarterly takes its name from St. Nina, who is our patron and namesake because of the example she has given us. She lived a life of quiet piety but did not hesitate to preach and teach as needed.

  • Wherever this gospel shall be preached, there this woman will be spoken of, Matt. 26:13.
  • There is no male or female, but you are all one, Gal. 3:28.
  • Go and teach all the nations, and baptize them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Matt. 28:19.
  • The light will shine over the nations to glorify Your people Israel, Luke 2:32.
  • Wherever this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached, there too this will be spoken of in the whole world, Matt. 26:13.
  • Whoever shall hear you and receive you, has received me; and whoever shall receive me, will receive the one who sent me, Matt. 10:40; John 13:20.
  • For the Lord greatly loved Mary, because she continuously heard His true word, Cf. John 11.
  • Do not fear those who destroy your bodies but are not able to destroy your soul, Matt. 10:28; Luke 12:4.
  • Jesus said to Mary Magdalene: "Go, woman, and announce to my sisters and brothers', Matt. 28:10; Mark 16:9-10; Luke 24:10; John 20:17.
  • Wherever you preach, let it be in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Cf. Matt. 28:19.

Quotes from the Georgian Chronicles
Translation by Paul Crego