Our Philosophy.

Some key components for growth in service to the Church are prayer, worship, education, communication, encouragement, and dialogue. It is the belief of the St. Nina Quarterly Editorial Board that:

  • Our participation in the journey toward theosis is rooted in accepting and acting upon the spiritual Truth that who we are is God's gift to us, and what we do with the talents He has given us is our gift to God. Our strength, hope, and capacity for right service to God arises from praying, asking, listening, and trusting the Holy Spirit's action in the Church to guide our thoughts and actions.
  • Orthodox Christian women, as well as men, are called to significant worthy ministries of service to the Church, and are in need of the encouragement, guidance and blessings of the Church. Ministries are considered spiritual and physical actions and attitudes done for the glory of God, which actualize one's God-given potential for using her/his God-given talents in loving service in Christ, to build up His Church and one another.
  • Active support and encouragement of diverse ministries, blessed by the Church as gifts of the Spirit, contribute positively to the fullness of the Church and to each Christian's full personhood.
  • Communicating information, listening to people's needs, and engaging in education and creative dialogue support and encourage vitality and growth in the service and ministries of women and men in the Church. These actions also promote compassion, harmony and understanding among Orthodox sisters and brothers across all boundaries, and are appropriate spiritual goals.
  • In the Incarnation, our Lord Jesus Christ assumed our entire human nature. This means we address the whole person in Christian love, attending to the psychological, emotional and physical, as well as the spiritual, needs of others.

The St. Nina Quarterly acts on these beliefs by:

  • Providing a forum for the exploration and discussion of women's leadership in ministry, mission, and spiritual life as members of the Royal Priesthood, which includes hierarchs, clergy, and laypersons.
  • Providing a place for creative ideas and dialogue responsive to the variety of needs of the Orthodox Christian Church and of her women and men.
  • Providing opportunities for Orthodox Christians to have access to ongoing education about mission, ministries and spiritual life, by publishing articles, book reviews, letters to the editor and news.
  • Providing a clearinghouse for information about active persons, parishes, programs, conferences, seminars on Orthodox women and men and their service in the Church.

Scope of Service.
  • The St. Nina Quarterly is published by its Editorial Board, with contributing editors and reporters throughout the Orthodox world. Funding for its publication is provided by individual and group donations and W.O.M.E.N., the Women's Orthodox Ministries and Education Network.
  • Orthodox Christians throughout the world may submit material in English to the Editorial Board for publication and may be placed on the mailing list by request. At present, there is no subscription fee. A yearly donation of $25 is suggested to cover the costs of printing and mailing.
  • The St. Nina Quarterly can also be accessed through its World Wide Web page on the Internet. The address is: www.stnina.org [3] [updated]
Goals and Objectives.

In Mission and Ministry.

  • Maintain an editorial policy consonant with the spiritual values expressed by the St. Nina Quarterly Mission Statement and Philosophy.
  • Encourage all members of the Royal Priesthood prayerfully to promote and develop Orthodox initiatives that uplift the entire Body of the Church while working to eliminate discriminatory practices and customs within the Church which are contrary to the loving and affirming theological tradition of Orthodoxy.
  • Provide information about and publicity for Orthodox women and their positive contributions, valuable ministries, leadership in and service to the Church.
  • Promote sustained dialogue and committed action toward re-establishment of the permanent diaconate, both female and male, in the Church wherever it is needed.
  • Develop a plan to enhance and integrate the St. Nina Quarterly Mission and Philosophy in the international Church setting.

In Church and Community Enhancement.

  • Identify and enhance ministry and mission opportunities for women and men in local parishes and their surrounding communities.
  • Eliminate localized pockets of isolation for women and men in mission and ministry by networking.
  • Promote development of an electronic virtual community of Orthodox women worldwide.