It was 1964. I was a sixteen-year-old city girl growing up in Detroit, Michigan. Life before me seemed full of endless possibilities. My high school was hosting the yearly career day and the choices were vast and exciting. I could be whatever I chose.

In this state of mind, I was not prepared for the depth of insight I experienced that Saturday evening. My father was driving me home from the event. I always enjoyed riding through the brightly lit city at night.

That Saturday evening while enjoying the drive, I was struck by the thought that this glitter was not lasting. I noted empty buildings which had changed hands several times; different companies owned and then sold them. Parking lots for stores had become used-cars sales lots. Like a bell sounding and vibrating through my bones, one thought suddenly pierced my being: God alone is real. God is Reality. Everything around me appeared as vapor, as mist-a puff of smoke. In that instant I knew that I wanted to spend my life seeking God. I desired to give myself over to God - to this Ultimate Reality.

In 1966, after graduation from high school, I entered the Poor Clare Monastery in Evansville, Indiana. Three years later, I was one of the seven nuns who eventually became the Nuns of New Skete.

Thirty-five years have passed since that Saturday evening when a path opened before me. Seeking God is often challenging, yet having once glimpsed the Light, there is no turning from it.

Life is clearly one insight following another. But insights remain unfulfilled if they are not integrated into our lives. We must strive to be our best, to love as God loves. It is a gift to receive each light with grateful and willing hearts, to go from the glittering lights of the city to the splendid light within.