Dear Editors:

Thank you for your letter and the issue and articles of the St. Nina Quarterly. I enjoyed reading them all.

Please subscribe me to the journal.

I was raised Greek Orthodox here in York, Penn. but married out of the Church. In fact my husband was Jewish. Now, I am divorced and have two small children. An English speaking pan-Orthodox mission church was established in York, and now I've been attending this church along with my children due to the language barrier we encountered at the Greek church. I would be interested in hearing about other people who perhaps foolishly, married out of the Church and then came back. I don't know how many divorced Orthodox parents there are either. It has been challenging raising my daughters Orthodox (they have been baptized since birth). Perhaps issues like these could be entertained sometime in the Quarterly.

Diane Newberger

Dear Editors:

This is a voice in the Orthodox patriarchal wilderness! Blessings for your work.

Constance Trollan
Juneau, Alaska

Dear Editors:

Thank you so much for sending me the St. Nina Quarterly! It is so interesting for me to hear about Orthodox women (and not only) in America and all over the world. It gives me a sense of belonging to the very large Orthodox oekumene!

I am also especially interested in the articles that tackle topics concerning Orthodox women. I have graduated from the Theology faculty and my diploma paper was about the role of women in Christianity (seen from an Orthodox point of view).

My God help you and give you power and wisdom to continue this wonderful work that you are doing and let Him reward you for the joy which you bring in so many homes!

With appreciation,
Veronica Stavila
Brasov, Romania