Orthodox Family Life (OFL) is a quarterly journal for Orthodox families offered as a parish ministry that reaches out to parents.

It hopes to be a teaching vehicle for parents who want help in grounding their families in a sound Orthodox lifestyle and for those parents who did not grow up in the Church themselves. OFL can provide assistance through its overviews, family activity lists for the festal cycle, and clusters of articles addressing important family issues. Some of the articles featured in past issues include: "Pastors of the Domestic Church," by Dr. Albert Rossi; "A Prayer for Our Children"; and "Preparing for the Feast: Family-Friendly Advice on Fasting, Prayer, and Giving," by Niki Krause.

The publication of OFL began in September of 1995 as a ministry to St. Nicholas (OCA) Church in Mogadore, Ohio and to the Orthodox churches in the greater Akron, Ohio area. Phyllis Meshel Onest, M.Div., Religious Education Director for the Greek Orthodox Diocese of Pittsburgh, served as the editor. Nichola Toda Krause is the current editor. For further information contact niki@cuadra.com. Internet access to both current and archived issues of OFL is available via TheoLogic Systems home page at http://www.theologic.com.