I was the eldest of four daughters of a priest, Fr. John Gerotheou, and, although it was a challenge to be a priest's daughter because the community had very high standards for us, it also meant that I have always been involved in Church life. At about the age of six, my father took me into the altar to act as altar server. This was especially unusual because he was quite strict in many other ways. Looking back on it now, I realize that what he was doing for me was similar to what his father had done for him. His own father was a Proto-psaltis and teacher of Byzantine psalmody, and so he started him at the early age of seven to prepare him for being a psalti as an adult. There is such a vast amount of psalmodic literature, one has to start at an early age. In his own way, my father was introducing me into Church life just as his father had done for him. After a year or two, by about the age of seven, I moved from the altar to the psalterion. I loved it there - as far back as I can remember I have always loved Church music. Because of these early experiences, I understand exactly what the priest is doing in the altar and, as choir director, can anticipate where and what is happening in the sanctuary during the Divine Liturgy. This is essential, because the choir should respond to the priest as an integral part of the service, which is what they are.