Dear Editor:

Just a note to tell you that I use the articles and interviews published in the St. Nina Quarterly as 'jumping-off-points' for discussion with my two teenage daughters. Being an Orthodox Christian in today's USA can be very difficult, often confusing. Being an Orthodox Christian woman/girl is even more difficult. St. Nina's provides some perspectives, ways to Orthodoxy into our lives.


Rose Yevich Drislane

Dear Editor:

We've moved to an area with an Orthodox church! I can't tell you how much this newsletter helped when we were living far from a church - my faith was strengthened. Thank you!

Lisa Lange

Dear Editor:

I thank you for your work with this journal. I am a children's formation artist, developing life drawing and painting programs to give children a biblical primer for spiritual literacy. I have been an inquirer into Eastern Orthodoxy but am hesitant to pursue chrismation given the present state of in-fighting here in the American churches. The all-male leadership is often overbearing and disappointing. Your issues dealing with Syrian women in the first centuries were encouraging.


Kathryn Dillon Duffus

Dear Editors:

With many thanks for the magazines and hopes to hear about other issues.

Iulia Cordumeanu

Dear Staff:

I recently saw an issue of your Quarterly and would very much like to receive it. Its focus and its arrival were long overdue! God Bless you for your efforts.

With love in Christ,

Tina Thamel

Dear Editor:

Thank you for sending me a copy of St. Nina Quarterly. . . . It came at a much needed time when I have experienced so many doubts and question my ability to remain in the Orthodox Church.

I also was raised Orthodox, but did not stay active in the Church as an adult. I turned back to Orthodoxy when my son, at age fifteen, expressed an interest and desire to have "roots" in a faith. He explored the Catholic Church - the faith his father was raised in, and the Orthodox Church. Without hesitation he chose Orthodoxy, and so I find myself back in church.

Coming back was a wonderful thing - I had forgotten how the icons, the smell of incense, the music, and the worship itself could transport me in such a spiritual way. But, as an adult woman and feminist, there is always the down side of a masculine dominated church, and the wonder at where I could really feel at peace in such a system. I cope as best I can, and often wondered whether there were (and I was sure there were somewhere) women who also felt as I did. The St. Nina Quarterly will surely help me get through the questions, and through words and articles of women and supportive Orthodox men, will keep my faith going.

Paula Kostachuk Starr