Worshipping God with our whole intellect, body, and heart means putting our faith into practice. How can we best use our talents and gifts to serve Christ? As we have seen throughout the pages of the Quarterly, women have given and continue to give in many ways to build up the body of Christ. They teach in church school, direct and sing in the choir, and serve on parish committees and councils. But are there other ways to offer our gifts within the Holy Tradition of the Church that are currently not being utilized. Has the life-giving spirit of Tradition been held hostage to ancient societal norms and customs? Is not allowing the full participation of girls and women in the liturgical life of the Church (for reasons not grounded in the theology of the Church) damaging to their psychological and spiritual lives? Does this carry over into the community as a whole? How can we, as Church, begin to address these issues openly, faithfully, and fearlessly? These are some of the concerns that we begin to explore in this issue of the Quarterly - Faith and Praxis.

The remaining issues of 1999 look at faith in the context of our relationships with others.

  • Summer 1999 - Faith and the Community: Our Family
  • Fall 1999 - A Special Community of Faith: Women's Monasticism

We have planned a special series of stories and interviews for the year 2000 issues of the Quarterly focusing on the Millennium, in particular the past 100 years, the present, the next 100 years and beyond. Themes for these issues include a look at the last 100 years in the life of the Church, Orthodox Women Speak, Voices of the Future, and Women Missionaries - spreading the Word of God into the next millennium. Please submit any names of women whom you feel we should contact for an interview or a story.