Dear editors:

It was amazing for me to read the Fall 1998 issue of the St. Nina Quarterly. It was fascinating to learn there are so many women out there in the world using their gifts and talents to glorify God. I grew up in a very ethnocentric environment and getting all my news from Greek papers and Greek-American magazines. Thus, it was thrilling to know there are so many dedicated women that my daughter can now have as role models. I would like to congratulate you on the wonderful selection of Orthodox Christian women from all walks of life. They have enriched my spirit and strengthened my own commitment to continue my ministry to the Church, developing Orthodox literature for children.

With appreciation,

In Christ,

Maria C. Khoury
Jamaica Plain, MA
(now living in Jerusalem)

Thank you so much for the tribute to our foremothers. Have you considered expanding the topic to a book including many more women?

Lyn Breck
Wadmalaw Island, SC

Editors' note: Yes, we hope that the issue, A Tribute to our Foremothers, is only the beginning and that others will take the time to document the lives of those women who have given so much to the Church. Please submit their stories to the Quarterly. Submissions should be approximately 2000 words and, if possible, accompanied by a photo. We are hoping to publish an anthology in the future.

Thank you for such a well done publication. How can I put friends on your subscription list?

Denise Canellos
Carrollton, TX

Editors' note: Please send any names to The St. Nina Quarterly, P.O. Box 397252, Cambridge, MA 02139. They will receive a welcome packet including an introductory pamphlet, a copy of selected articles from back issues as well as a copy of the latest issue. We suggest a $25 yearly donation to cover the costs of printing and mailing for each subscription.

. . .I received the most issue of the St. Nina Quarterly and read it non-stop cover to cover. What a wonderful, wonderful issue. I would like to reprint one of the articles. . . .

Steve Angelides

Editors' note: We are pleased that some may wish to reprint the articles that appear in the Quarterly. Please check with us before doing so. The policy of the Quarterly is that authors retain copyright privileges of their articles.

Thank you for the copy of the St. Nina Quarterly with the interviews of the elder sisters. It's an interesting issue - with a variety of persons. Certainly our church needs all women if the ideals of Orthodoxy are to be realized.


Eva Topping

Receipt of the most recent issue of the St. Nina Quarterly encouraged me to write. It is a beautiful issue, I have a strong sense of our history as women and any "stories" of our foremothers warms my heart. I am now proposing that we collect stories of women in the missionary movement, and some of the women in the Fall issue fully qualify for it! . . .This is a project for the year 2000.

Sincerely, Aruna Gnanadason, Prog. Exec.
World Council of Churches,
Women's Programme