How do we begin to know God using all of our faculties - intellect, body, and heart? Does questioning reveal a lack of faith? Are secular intellectual pursuits devoid of Truth? We are sometimes told that we should not think in church; that somehow it is not pious or shows a lack of faith. Yet we know that many of the saints of the Church were great thinkers - often trained in such secular disciplines as philosophy and science. Our bodies, especially womens' bodies, so often used as objects to sell products, are sometimes thought to be unclean or to provide a distraction. How can they be used to serve God? As women, we are unsure sometimes of our place in the community - whether within our own family, in our relationships with our spouse, children, parents, and loved ones or in the worshipping community. We are called to bring our whole selves before God - intellect, body, and heart. The challenge lies in how we are able to maintain a balance of these parts of the whole.

In 1999 we are looking at faith in relation to these questions, beginning with Faith, Mind and Body. We have selected the following themes for subsequent issues:

  • Spring 1999 - Faith and Praxis
  • Summer 1999 - Faith and the Community: Our Family
  • Fall 1999 - A Special Community of Faith: Women's Monasticism

The fall issue will include interviews and stories of women monastics, with particular focus on monasticism in America and on those American women who have chosen to live the monastic life in other countries. We are actively looking for sponsors for these issues. The production costs are approximately $2000 per issue. Please consider sponsoring an issue in memory of a loved one or in celebration of someone special to you.

We are excited to be beginning our third year. Although we remain behind in our production schedule, we hope that each issue provides food for thought and for the nurturance of the entire Body of Christ.