"Prayer and silence, faith and obedience, purity and maturity, family and celibacy, building and responsibility, and most especially and most excellently, the way of love, are for every human being. This is the teaching of Christ. . . ."
- Fr. Thomas Hopko, Foreword

Living in Christ is a collection of insightful essays on the Christian life. Written by Mother Raphaela, Abbess of the Holy Myrrhbearers Monastery in Otego, New York, the book is excellent material for reflective reading. She explores such topics as: silence, gifts, purity of heart, maturity, freedom, and building community, presenting all of them in ways that are both powerful and thought provoking. Mother Raphaela stresses that each of these topics is complex and multifaceted. This makes it difficult to discern between what is genuine and what is simply a distortion. "For example, the ascetic discipline of obedience, if rightly understood, is a great safe-guard against personal whims becoming one's private religion" (page 70). She does not back away from difficult questions and challenges the reader to go beyond conventional ways of thinking.

In this issue of the Quarterly we have included one of the essays - "Prayer and Life"; a good example of the depth of thought found throughout the book. We hope that this short excerpt will encourage our readers to seek out this gem and reflect on the wisdom it contains.

Living in Christ can be obtained from:
Holy Myrrhbearers Monastery,
144 Bert Washburn Rd.,
Otego, NY 13825-2265.
Phone: (607) 432-3179.

It may also be ordered through:
St. Vladimir's Press,
575 Scarsdale Rd.,
Crestwood, NY 10707.
List price is $12.