Today in America we enjoy a Church life enriched in a multitude of ways: with beautiful choirs and liturgical music, religious education programs for children and adults, charitable programs, youth programs, seminaries, a growing enthusiasm for spiritual and theological writings and journals, and much more. Virtually none of this existed at the beginning of the twentieth century. We owe a great debt to the generations that have come before us who built a vibrant Church life from very little more than their own commitment and faith and the mighty grace of God. In our current issue we pay tribute to these remarkable generations of faithful workers. We seek to hear their voices and pass on their stories, for this is the history of our Church's life in this new world. We hope that by presenting a few of these stories you, our readers, will be inspired to ask questions and record the accounts of your parents and grandparents, of your senior friends and coworkers in the Church. The women whose stories we highlight in this issue span a variety of ethnic backgrounds and have participated in quite different ways in the life of the Church. Some are known nationally or even internationally, while others have had a more local impact. All these stories are valuable, and each contribution was significant in creating the Church life we now experience and will hand to the next generation. Let us gather together these stories - our history - today for tomorrow.