We are pleased to bring you this issue of the St. Nina Quarterly that is dedicated to those senior women among us in honor of their lives, accomplishments, and service to the Church. In many ways, these stories represent a written record of an oral history that might be otherwise lost. We hope that this issue is only the beginning and that others will take the time to document the lives of those women who have given so much to the Church. Please submit their stories to the Quarterly. Submissions should be between 1600-1800 words, and, if possible, be accompanied by a photo. We are hoping be able to publish an anthology in the future.

We wish to thank all the women who shared their stories and thoughts with us as well as those who gave of their time and talents to record them. We also express our appreciation to everyone who sent the pictures that allowed us to document these lives and times. In addition, we are especially grateful to the Council of Eastern Orthodox Churches of Central Massachusetts for their generosity and support in sponsoring this issue.

As of this issue, the St. Nina Quarterly has been in existence for two years. When we began this endeavor, we were excited to be finally exploring the ministry of women in the Church. We continue to be sustained by the knowledge that our work seems to be providing a valuable service to those women and men who wish to study the faith, share their concerns, and ultimately find their salvation within the Church.

We need your support to continue. Please refer to the enclosed appeal and help us to keep this ministry alive by giving now.