Dear editors,

I wish to commend and congratulate you on the content and graphic design of your spring 1998 issue of the St. Nina Quarterly. The articles by Elisabeth Behr-Sigel and Father Antony Hughes are particularly compelling, impressively avoiding polemics in lieu of balanced, insightful, and well-cited thought. In Sister Nonna Harrison's excellent article on Orthodoxy and Feminism, she proposes that ". . . we cannot begin to address this issue responsibly unless we are clear about what feminism is." Indeed, this statement can and should be a model for approaching any new and potentially complex topic. Demetra Jaquet in "Women in Society" touches on several points which I hope to see evolve into future articles and areas of focus.

Thank you for your excellent work.

Mark Bailey
Lecturer in Liturgical Music, St. Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary
Artistic Director, Yale Russian Chorus

To the folks at the St. Nina Quarterly,

Thank you for including me on your mailing list. I greatly enjoy your publication and find it a wonderful antidote to the current glut of reactionary, fundamentalist literature that sees feminism, change and the modern world as incompatible with Orthodoxy.

Enclosed is a long overdue contribution. Keep up the good work!

Rebecca A. Matovic

To the Editors,

What a fantastic publication! Just what I needed. Please put me on your mailing list.

Renee Zarkos

Respected Madam,

Hi! I'm Susan Jacob from the Orthodox Church of India.

Congratulations! I like the magazine and also the Mission Statement which is so apt! I'm glad you have got together to do this positive action! I am very interested in writing but I feel I must do something about enhancing my base of knowledge. I suppose you know that our seminaries in India do not take women. Are there any seminaries there which would give me a course in Orthodox tradition, theology and symbols so that I can write a simple book for our children out here?

I have done a BS and MA (English Lit.), B. Ed (Education), and a Diploma in Journalism. But my first love is working in a Christian environment - I love writing and I want to hone my humble skills in the field of religious writing!

I would love to get to know all about your organization, your activities, your visions. I'd love to be part of your journey and try to empower my sisters and myself in the Orthodox Church of India.

Susan Jacob
Chennai, India

(Editors' Note: If anyone would like to correspond with Susan, please contact the Quarterly.)