Language is a powerful tool. It can be used to express our thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences, and beliefs. But language also has limitations. Because language is a vital part of the world we live in, it is continually changing and evolving as the world changes. In fact, paradoxically, it must change in order to retain the same meaning. Even as our language changes, so must we be willing to change, finding new ways to express our ideas and beliefs. The challenge is to find new means of expression and images that are relevant to our lived experience, while at the same time retaining the timeless quality of the message.

In this issue, we explore the language of the Church in word and image. Because of the limitations of language, particularly English, we need to examine carefully our sacred texts and translations so that they may more fully and truthfully help us to enter into communion with the Holy Trinity.

We would like to thank many of you for your thoughts and concerns these past few months. We are somewhat behind in our production, but hope to get back on schedule soon. Our remaining issue for 1998 pays tribute to some of the senior women in our churches through interviews and stories. We hope that it will record a portion of oral history that might otherwise be lost.