Dear Editors,

Thank you for a copy of the St. Nina Quarterly. It was very exciting to know about the organization with the ideas and views similar to those of our society, which was organized in 1992 in Novgorod, Russia. It bears the name of St. Anthony of Rome - a Novgorodian wonder worker who, in a miraculous way, came to our land from Italy. The society's aim is to promote Christian values with the help of cultural means.

This year we are opening a Christian youth centre with a cafe, class for lectures, icon-painting and sacred music singing schools. The society choir is very active giving concerts in the city concert hall, schools, orphanages and senior citizens homes. In 1995 the choir became the winner of the international sacred music competition in Poland. We take a particular interest in the problem of strengthening of the family. The Fathers of the Church teach us that a family itself is a small church and a woman realizes herself in it. Unfortunatley, family values are losing their importance nowadays and we would be especially thankful for any advice concerning the programmes of various activities which we could organize in our centre, helping to strengthen thefamily and clarifying the role of a woman in it. We also can share our experience if you are interested.

Yours in Christ,

Inna Kouznetsova
Head of the Society
Galina Alexandrova
St. Anthony of Rome Society
20, Kremlin
St. Sophia Cathedral
Novgorod, 173007

Dear Editors,

The St. Nina Quarterly is a breath of life....

Portland, Oregon

Dear Staff Members,

I'm very pleased to receive the St. Nina Quarterly. I think there has been already for years the need of a publication specialized in women's issues.

Please keep me on the mailing list and note my new address! ....

I will keep you all in my prayers and I want you to know how valuable work you - and the whole editorial board - are doing....

Soili Penttonen
Helsinki, Finland

Dear friends at the St. Nina Quarterly,

I was very pleased to receive your journal in August and would very much like to receive it regularly....

I am an English woman who converted to Orthodoxy from an Anglican background three years ago. Before that I was involved in evangelism among students for five years and was on the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ. My priest, Fr. Yves Dubois in my home parish of St. John of Kronstadt in Bath has encouraged me to continue in a teaching and missionary role and so at present I am studying by correspondence at the St. Sergius Theological Institute in Paris and living in Russia where I am teaching English and helping with catechetical and missionary work....

I was very excited by the St. Nina Quarterly and find it very encouraging to read of how women in America are developing and using their gifts to build up the Body of Christ. There is little emphasis on this in England and Russia.

Many thanks once again.

Your sister in Christ,

Alison Ruth BackhouseI
Alatyr, Russia

Dear Editors,

St. Nina Quarterly is such a breath of fresh air. I am an Antiochian Orthodox woman, converted from the Baptist denomination. The balance and ecumenical spirit of your publication is well done...

Jeanine Sparks

Eagle River, Alaska

Dear Editors,

Many thanks for sending me your valuable St. Nina Quarterly. I loved it very much, it is excellent indeed. It covers many topics of interest to men and women, and the way they are tackled is wonderful. Once one reads it one longs to have it continually.

Congratulations for this success and may God bless every effort exerted for the glory of His holy name that more and more women may benefit from this spiritual material.

Best wishes and hope Christmas and the New Year bring you all happiness and good things.


Wedad Abbas
Member of Women's Programme - MECC
Member of Commission on Education and Renewal - MECC

Editors' note: We would like to thank all those who sent Holiday greetings to the Quarterly staff. May we continue to rejoice in the birth of our Lord.