We are incredibly excited to be beginning our second year of the St. Nina Quarterly. The responses that we received during our first year have been extremely gratifying. There truly seems to be a need to have a publication "dedicated to exploring the ministry of women in the Orthodox Church and to cultivating a deeper understanding of ministry in the lives of all Orthodox Christian women and men." Our journey now continues.

The questions of life - How did we get here? Why are we here? - are closely related. The Orthodox Church teaches us that we are all created in the image of God and are called to grow into His likeness. This issue of the Quarterly explores the idea of creation by examining the creation stories found in the Bible and by exploring some of the ethical dilemmas surrounding (pro)creation that we face in the modern world.

The following are the themes for the remainder of the year:

  • Spring 1998 - The Experience of Women in the Church as a Refection of Society
  • Summer 1998 - Language and Imagery in the Church
  • Fall 1998 - Older Women of our Parishes.

The Fall 1998 issue will be dedicated to those older women who have been instrumental in the growth of the Church in this country. We plan to include interviews, stories, and pictures to help illustrate and document their participation, especially in the earlier years of Orthodoxy in America. We have already received some names of women to interview. If you know of others, please contact the Quarterly. We are hoping that this project will generate enough interest in order to publish an anthology. We are also seeking sponsors especially for this issue so that we may distribute it more widely. Please consider donating in memory of a loved one or in celebration of someone special.