The Internet is a network of computers that has helped to facilitate instant global communication on almost any topic. Virtual Sisterhood is a gender-related electronic forum on the Internet that offers a list of women's networks throughout the world about all manner of subjects, but with one thing in common - a desire for increased global communications. In recent weeks I've browsed the Internet, and discovered that Orthodox women have no such global network in place. Since such a network would greatly enhance WOMEN's goal of lifting up women's ministry in the Church, we have decided to spend a good part of our energy over the next year in trying to establish such an interactive network.

Currently WOMEN can be reached by E-mail at We would like to establish a web page, where we can electronically transmit each issue of the St. Nina Quarterly, as well as other resources and information of assistance to women in Orthodox ministry, post prayer requests, and be able to chat with each other on-line. We especially are seeking women outside the United States with access to the Internet to act as local communication liaisons. If you can help us accomplish any part of this, we need you.

The importance of such an electronic network cannot be overestimated. In the short time since WOMEN was established, those already connected by e-mail have found numerous opportunities for information exchange and support. Mutual encouragement for women in isolated ministries has emerged as a primary focus.

To celebrate women's service to the Church, to share helpful information, to support each other in time of need: An Orthodox Virtual Sisterhood is a network whose time has come. Please "log on" and join us. Send us an e-mail with the address where we can reach you. If you don't have a computer of your own, find a friend or friendly organization who will let you use theirs. We're waiting for you, at