Dear Editor,

What a nice surprise to find on my desk, upon returning from vacation, your letter and the issues of the St. Nina Quarterly.

Having worked in a women's center for fifteen years, I am always sensitive to various approaches/attitudes concerning women's issues - from total ignorance/indifference to angry, strident radicalism. I find in the St. Nina Quarterly a balanced, intelligent, sincere, perceptive, spiritual and ethical effort to revive places in the Church where women can attain and express fully their spiritual capacity/gifts as human beings along with men for the benefit of all. While "women's issues" has become a loaded topic in our society from many different angles, especially in the area of religion, I applaud the spiritually rooted women (another obvious reflection from the spiritual depth and knowledge of the articles) of WOMEN for their efforts in this endeavor and look forward to future issues and dialogue/involvement.

In Christ,

Debbie Woodell, Women's Center
Old Dominion University

Dear Editors,

Let me express my appreciation for your good work. So far your publication has been of high quality and very interesting, and you have done a good job of avoiding extreme positions while discussing topics that are important but potentially controversial. The most recent issue is particularly good. I hope you can continue along the same lines, and I would like to support you.


Sr. Nonna Verna Harrison

Dear Editors,

The St. Nina Quarterly is a gem - the writing ..., the typefaces, illustrations, content - every-thing - a truly classy (yet not self-conscious) publication. Besides [the] piece on the Lenten Spring, I especially appreciated the one in that same issue on the maleness of Christ. What I like is its (the Quarterly's) lack of aggression and spite, which too many feminist writings seem to have.

Pat Reid, Companions of New Skete

To Whom It May Concern,

Glory be to Jesus Christ!

Thank you for the issues of your publication that I have received. The quality and breadth of the information shared is most excellent, and worth rereading on a number of occasions . . .

Also, I could not find an indication of the subscription rate for the Quarterly . . . May God, through the work of the Holy Spirit in your lives, continue to bless you all and protect you from all harm.


Moira Metrunec

P.S.: A question arose during a discussion with a friend who is a convert from an Anglican background regarding the role and possible manners of involvement for young girls in the liturgical life of the Orthodox Church. Specifically, she has two sons (sixteen and fourteen years old) and a daughter (eleven years old), and has noticed a definite difference in the connection her children manifest toward the Church. Although it may be related to their personalities, she is certain the role of altar boy, with potential to direct their energies to becoming tonsured readers, etc. has significantly helped her sons experience the life of the Church in a very real and physical way that is presently not available to the same extent for her daughter. I am curious if there is any feedback regarding this issue available.

Editors' Note: The Quarterly does not have a set subscription rate, as we would like to be able to share it with as many interested readers as possible, regardless of their ability to pay. All of our work is done on a volunteer basis. However, we are in great need of donations to help cover the costs of printing and mailing.

The question of women's participation in the various "minor orders" within the Church is one that the Quarterly plans to address in the future. We know of parishes where girls or women serve as acolytes, assisting in various ways that were formerly done only by the boys or men of the parish. We would like to hear more of women's experience in this area. One may also reference the interview with Bishop Kallistos (Ware) from our summer issue (Vol. 1 No. 3), in which this topic is addressed.

Dear Editor,

I received last week a copy of the latest issue of the St. Nina Quarterly, and I wanted to write immediately and thank you for it. It is an excellent issue - I have read most of the articles already.

I pray for God's blessings to be with you and all those involved in this important contribution to the churches and to women . . .

With all good wishes.


Aruna Gnanadason
Prog. Exec., World Council of Churches
Women's Programme,
Justice, Peace and Creation

Dear Editors,

Greetings in the name of our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ. I hope this letter finds you well and in peace of Christ.

I am writing this letter to ask your help. My spiritual father, Hieromonk Joachim Parr, and I are in need of benefactors to raise money to purchase a small farm in New Jersey to make into a retreat monastery for a community of nuns.

I don't have to tell you what a blessing it is to be a benefactor to a monastic community. Hope we can count on your help.


Mother Martha Wallace

Editors' Note: Please contact the Quarterly for address information.

Dear in Christ,

Thank you for sending me the St. Nina Quarterly free of charge. It is "spiritual bread" for our family and friends. We share it with others. We hope you could continue that in the future.

Pray God bless,

Miroslav with family
Bialystok, Poland

We have received more letters than space allows us to publish. The balance will appear in our next issue. Thank you for sharing your views and interest in the St. Nina Quarterly with all our readers.