"Before we can assess accurately where we are today and where we may be heading, we must know where we have been. A search of the past is not simply the satisfaction of idle curiosity. It helps us understand not only how we have reached our present state, but also what we may have lost along the way." (Taken from "Women in the Eastern Church: Past, Present and Future" by Valerie Karras. The complete article was published in the Winter 1997 issue of the Quarterly.)

As our mission statement states, one of the goals of the St. Nina Quarterly is to educate. It is with this in mind that we begin looking at women in the early Church. Their devotion to the faith forms a basis for our experience today. We are their legacy.

The Editorial Board has selected the following themes for 1998:

  • Winter 1998: Creation and Science
  • Spring 1998: The Experience of Women in the Church as a Reflection of Society
  • Summer 1998: Language and Imagery in the Church
  • Fall 1998: Older Women of Our Parishes.

The Fall 1998 issue will be a special tribute dedicated to those who have gone before us. It will include interviews, stories, pictures, etc. of their lives and of the early years of the Church in this country. We have already received some names of women to interview. If you know of others, please contact the Quarterly. We are hoping to publish an anthology if there is enough interest.