This unique collection of essays provides the rare opportunity to read about recent work being done on women in various religious traditions, including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Hinduism. While the collection taken as a whole points up many of the similarities of the roles that women play in Eastern and Western religions, the primary focus of the majority of articles in the collection is on the historical role of women in Eastern Christian traditions.

Of particular interest to our readers will be the essays about women in the Syrian, Coptic, Ethiopian, and Orthodox traditions. These include: "Women in the Orthodox Church: Heavenly Visions and Historical Realities," by Elizabeth Behr-Sigel; "The Image of Coptic Women in Coptic Tradition," by Hedy Banoub and Maurice Assad; "Women in Ethiopian Tradition," by Kirsten S. Pedersen; "Deaconesses in the Syriac Tradition," by Sebastian Brock; "Spiritual Trends of Monasticism in the Syriac Tradition"; and finally, "Women in the Syrian Tradition," by Susan Ashbrook Harvey (featured in this edition of the Quarterly).

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