WOMEN's Colorado mailbox is receiving about ten new inquiries and five e-mails a week. Positive responses to the St. Nina Quarterly are arriving from all over the world. Best of all, suggestions and reports of how folks are using the St. Nina Quarterly to enhance their local efforts are exciting. For example, one woman wrote to say that she plans to put out sample copies of the St. Nina Quarterly at her annual church festival this summer with a sign-up sheet for membership that she will forward to us. She suggests that others may want to do the same. Another recommended that we circulate information about the Quarterly at the different jurisdictions' clergy-laity meetings and at conferences and seminars. We're happy to provide materials to anyone who would be willing to distribute them for us at such events.

A laywoman from Romania, who is in regular correspondence with us and an active member on several committees, including the World Council of Churches and the European Ecumenical Forum for Women, frequently forwards news and articles about women to the St. Nina Quarterly. Her recent letter is an inspiring witness to the effect one person can have to lift up the positive ministries of women in the Church. Here is some of what she wrote:

I have received the Winter and Spring issues of the St. Nina Quarterly and I congratulate the editorial board for such a wonderful work. I have already used information from the first issue twice: one time during a TV program called "Spiritual Life" and once with the Ecumenical Women's Group. I had the whole magazine translated so that all the women from our network can have access to its information.

Another idea is to have excerpts from the St. Nina Quarterly [printed] in our Forum bulletin, so that women of all denominations [could] receive information about developments in the Orthodox women's network.

In March, we organized a one-day meeting on the Ecumenical Decade in Solidarity with Women, to which we invited priests from different denominations. They all agreed that the limitations imposed on women's ministries in the Church are linked with customs that were developed through the centuries. One Orthodox priest said that women can do the same things [that men can do] in the Church and that they can have exactly the same rights [as men] with only one exception: the sacerdotal ministry. For me that was a big step forward.

We offer prayers of gratitude for the privilege of knowing, through the network, such devout women who are motivated by the Holy Spirit to celebrate Christ's love for all people through their worship and their work. Please, let us hear from You.