Welcome to WOMEN and the St. Nina Quarterly.

The Women's Orthodox Ministries and Education Network (WOMEN) was founded in Colorado in 1995 as a non-profit organization. The prime goal of WOMEN is to offer encouragement and support to Orthodox women worldwide in their service to the Church. Networking is WOMEN's only product. This is accomplished in two ways - by supporting the publication of the St. Nina Quarterly in print and electronic form, and by promoting and publicizing conferences about subjects of interest to women.

This past fall, I met on behalf of the WOMEN's Board with a group of remarkable women in Boston who are creating the St. Nina Quarterly. This group of committed Orthodox women are dedicating hours of volunteer time to serve their sisters in Orthodoxy and address topics of interest and concern to Orthodox women in a consistent, systematic way. St. Nina's continuation depends entirely on the voluntary donation of your information, articles, letters and news, not to mention your prayers and financial support.

WOMEN Views will be a regular column in the journal, offering commentary from the perspective of the WOMEN's network on items of current interest.

WOMEN has promoted two conferences so far. A symposium in Dallas in 1994, sponsored by the Diocese of Denver Philoptochos and St. Barbara's Philoptochos, Dallas, called "Women in the Church: A Spiritual Foundation". The symposium sparked interest for a national conference in Denver in 1995 sponsored by WOMEN called "Women in the Church". Members of the St. Catherine Greek Orthodox Women's Philoptochos took leadership for arranging the 1995 conference logistics, while WOMEN members handled the agenda and speakers. [See article in this issue.]

God has invested a great deal in each one of us to bring us each to the place we are, and has made each of us unique as snowflakes. Somewhere in the Orthodox world, there is a woman waiting, even needing your friendship, support and experience. Please don't let her down by keeping the good news of women's work, and your work, in your community a secret. Spread the word about the St. Nina Quarterly, and send local news, articles, and letters to the editors. Be sure to provide the name and address of the person or group you mention so readers can contact each other directly. Remember, our readership is international, so don't forget phone, fax, email if you have them. [Click here for our submission policy.]

Materials can be sent directly to the St. Nina Quarterly at their masthead address.

If you want more information about WOMEN, or want to discuss what's happening or not happening in your ministry, and how WOMEN might help, just drop us a note at womenusa@aol.com.

May our Lord's blessings always be with you, to guide and support you, and may the Holy Spirit be with each of you, leading us to discover more ways to serve one another in Christ's love.