Teva Regule, M. Div., Th.M.

This biography was published in the St. Nina Quarterly, Volume 1, No. 1.

Teva Regule

Teva Regule

Teva was raised in the Orthodox Church and has been an active member for most of her life. For many years she was involved in the work of youth ministries in the Church, serving as summer camp counselor and teacher as well as working with the American Romanian Orthodox Youth (AROY). She was involved with AROY on the national level for ten years, two as the National President. In the course of her work she traveled to churches across the country helping to set up local chapters and organizing retreats and workshops. She also served as National Conference Chair and Editor of the AROY newsletter.

Teva participated in inter-Orthodox youth work with the Youth Department of the Orthodox Church in America and helped to organize Orthodox Christian Youth Fellowships on college campuses. In addition, she worked with Syndesmos, the worldwide fellowship of Orthodox youth.

She actively participates in her current parish as a member of the choir and as a reader, but says that the limits placed on women in regard to the liturgical life of the Church has always been a point of frustration for her. After much study and prayer, she has come to believe firmly that there are no theological reasons for these limitations. "I feel that this situation is not only hurtful to women who want to offer their gifts, but impedes the work of the Holy Spirit within the entire Church. It is my hope that the journal will be a place where we can look at these issues honestly and that it will serve as a vehicle for renewal in the Church. I fully believe that any practices that are honest reflections of the Truth will stand up to critical examination."

Teva works at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as Computer Networks Manager in the Laboratory for Nuclear Science. She holds a Master's degree in music from the New England Conservatory of Music and a Master of Science degree in computer science from Boston University.

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