Nancy Holloway, D.Min.

This biography was published in the St. Nina Quarterly, Volume 1, No. 1.

Nancy Holloway, D.Min.

Nancy Holloway

Nancy, a former Southern Baptist, was chrismated in 1982. Since becoming Orthodox, she has been active in parish life. She has served on the parish council of her home parish, St. Andrew Orthodox Church (Antiochian) in Lexington, Kentucky, and on a number of other committees. In addition, she has led retreats, given homilies, and conducted seminars on St. Gregory of Palamas and the Theotokos.

Nancy holds a Master's of Divinity from the Yale Divinity School, and she was the first woman to receive the Doctor of Ministry degree from St. Vladimir's Seminary. Her D.Min. dissertation was "Woman as God-Bearer: Maternity and the Mother of God," in which she examined five aspects of Mary's maternity: birthgiving, nurturing, relinquishing, sorrow, and joy, relating these to women's role in the church. She has developed and taught a course at Berea College entitled, "Christian Icons and Secular Images: Seeing is Believing," in which she addresses the power of images in today's culture and how they mold our views of reality, and compares these images to icons as mediators of reality in Orthodoxy.

"I am especially concerned about the vitality of Orthodoxy as it witnesses to our spirituality-starved American culture," Nancy comments. "The revitalization of the Church is integrally linked to the recognition, support and re-Spiriting of the gifts of all its member regardless of gender in order to live out the fullness of the Body of Christ. I believe the St. Nina Quarterly can contribute to this end and move the Church toward a more viable witness to those outside the Church who are in so much need of its life of healing and transformation."

Nancy is a campus minister at Berea College, a small nondenominational liberal arts college which primarily serves the Appalachian region. In addition to teaching she has given homilies on a variety of topics, including suffering and forgiveness, at Danforth Chapel at Berea College.

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