Helen Creticos Theodoropoulos, Ph.D.

This biography was published in the St. Nina Quarterly, Volume 1, No. 1.

Dr. Helen Theodoropoulos

Helen Creticos Theodoropoulos

Helen's parents were among the founding fathers and mothers of Sts. Peter and Paul Greek Orthodox Church in Glenview, Ill., which she has attended since she was a little girl, and where she currently worships with her family. Her studies at Holy Cross School of Theology encouraged the growth of her participation in her home parish, where she has taught Bible study for young adults and began the first Church Summer Vacation Program for children. She has led retreats in her parish and in the diocese, and has also lectured about the Orthodox Church to both Orthodox and non-Orthodox groups. She frequently reads at services and has occasionally preached sermons.

After receiving her Master's of Theological Studies degree from Holy Cross Seminary, she went to the University of Chicago Divinity School where she obtained her M.A. in Divinity and Ph.D. in Theology, concentrating in Patristic Theology, a topic which encompasses Orthodox theology, Christian mystical and ascetic theology, and ethics. For one year she taught Orthodox Studies at Loyola University, during which time she also served as the campus' Orthodox Chaplain.

"I have two main reasons," Helen notes, "for participating in the work of this journal. First, I believe that Orthodox women have many gifts and ministries that have not in the past been given an adequate forum for their expression. I hope that this journal will be helpful in providing that forum (at least in part, for this is only a beginning) and in promoting the efforts of women as they participate in various aspects of Church life. Second, I believe strongly that the study of our Orthodox theology and faith is necessary for Orthodox Christians, and that the more we learn about our faith, the more we will see its beauty and truth and will fall in love with it, truly committing ourselves to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I hope this journal will aid in this process of study and growth."

Helen is a busy stay-at-home mother with three children. She is also an adjunct professor at Seabury-Western Theological Seminary (an Episcopalian Seminary) in Evanston, Ill. where she teaches courses in Patristic Theology and Christian mystical and ascetic theology. In addition, she writes for the Greek Orthodox Theological Review.

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